Navien® NaviCirc Recirculation Valve

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The NaviCirc recirculation valve is installed at the furthest faucet from the water heater. With the NPE-A unit’s built-in pump, water circulates through the NaviCirc to preheat the hot water lines. Designed for recirculation of domestic hot water in applications where a dedicated return line is not available.

• Water Flow Rate Range .53-1.06 GPM (2.0 - 4.0 LPM)

• Crossover Shutoff Temp 95°F (35°C)

• Water Temp Range 41°F - 180°F (5°C to 82°C)

• Ambient Temp Range 32°F - 122°F (0°C - 50°C)

• Storage Temp Range 23°F - 122°F (0°C - 50°C)

• Max Water Pressure 150 psi

• Horizontal Installation Operation Only

• Dimensions: 5.62” x 3.93” x 2.19”

• Weight: 1.1lb (0.5 kg)

• 3 Year Warranty

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