SNAP-All® Increaser/Reducer Transition Bushing: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" CU

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The Snap-All® Increaser/Reducer transition bushings used in conjunction with Clamp-All® couplings are the easiest and fastest way to make transitions from DWV pipes of different diameters or materials. These bushings are specifically designed for use where pipes from 3/4” to 8” of different sizes and/or materials must be connected.

• Make Transitions Between Diameters & Materials

• Take the hassle out of any DWV transition

•  Use on one or both sides of the coupling

• For permanent or emergency installations

• Outer grooves nest into the HI-TORQ  coupling gaskets

• Provide an interlocking water tight, gas tight seal

• One piece molded high-quality neoprene

• Used with Clamp-All HI-TORQ 80 or HI-TORQ 125

• Adaptable in most DWV transition combinations

• Box/Case: 12/144

• Made in America